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Cuneo_7_SorrelleWe are located near the town of Mondovì in the heart of Cuneo ProvinceOften referred to as the Cuneese or La Granda, Cuneo is the largest of Piemonte’s eight provinces and offers visitors some of the region’s most spectacular scenery and its best food and wine.

The province’s population of almost 600,000 is concentrated around the seven principal municipalities which are referred to as le Sette Sorelle or the “Seven Sisters”. From largest to smallest, according to population, they are: CuneoAlba, Bra, Fossano, Mondoví, Savigliano and Saluzzo.

Bosco_2The vast territory surrounding Mondoví is called the Monregalese. Its green valleys and woodlands provide many of the ingredients that are essential to the local cuisine: wild boar, venison, hare, hazelnuts, chestnuts, porcini mushrooms and of course, white truffles.

Dogliani Vigne 800x600The wine country between Alba and Mondoví is called the Langhe. Its beautiful rolling hills are covered with Nebbiolo and Dolcetto vines that are used in the production of three of Piemonte’s most important D.O.C.G. wines: Barolo, Barbaresco and Dogliani.

occelli_04Cuneo’s pristine alpine valleys provide upland grazing for indigenous Langhe sheep and Piemontese cattle. The summer milk from these animals is essential to the production of many local artisanal cheeses such as Castelmagno and Raschera which are still made with the same methods used 700 years ago.

occitanica-600x800Thirteen valleys in the western half of Cuneo Province form part of Occitania, a vast linguistic and cultural territory that spans from Spain to Italy. The Occitan language and culture still thrive today in communities throughout these Occitan Valleys.


Villa Favolosa B&B PiemonteMontaldo di Mondoví is located in the southern-most part of Piemonte about 60 miles (100 km.) south of Turin. The village has less than 600 inhabitants and is composed of 15 borgate (hamlets) that are spread out over 9 square miles (23 sq. km.). With an altitude of 2,600 feet (800 mt.) above sea level, Montaldo is situated between two pristine alpine valleys, the Corsaglia and the Roburentello, and its green woodlands are known for their prized chestnuts and porcini mushrooms.

funghiMontaldo has been a holiday destination for more than 100 years.  People come to Montaldo to wander its endless paths and hiking trails and to forage the woodlands for our prized porcini mushrooms. In the center of the village are recreational facilities including bocce and tennis courts and there is a popular picnic area along the Corsaglia River at the medieval bridge. Most of all, people come to Montaldo to relax and refresh the spirit… to breathe the clean, fresh air and enjoy all the good food, wine and cheese that the Monregalese has to offer.


This traditional Monregalese country villa has been in our family for more than 400 years. The original part of our home was built in the late 1500’s and over time the structure was expanded to meet the needs of the family. During the 1930’s our grandparents converted the house to a pensione offering 12 guest rooms and three meals per day to visitors on holiday from Turin and Genoa.

Today we are carrying on our family’s tradition by offering genuine Piemontese hospitality to B&B visitors from all over the world.


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