murazzano-logo-150x150Murazzano cheese is also known as Tuma or Robiola and is made from raw sheep’s milk in the Alta Langa area of Piemonte’s Cuneo Province.  The cheese is named after the town of Murazzano which historically was the principal market for this type of artisanal cheese. Years ago, farm women in the Alta Langa typically kept a flock of sheep so they could make some Tuma cheese to sell at the weekly market in Murazzano. Over time this type of cheese became known as Tuma di Murazzano and eventually it came to be called just Murazzano.

Murazzano DOP is a full-fat cheese made with milk from local Langhe sheep, an indigenous breed whose numbers have fallen from 45,000 in 1950 to under 2,000 today. Regulations allow for the addition of up to 40% cow’s milk. The unripened cheese must be aged a minimum of 4 days and has the form of a 6 inch disk that is about an inch and a half in thickness. Murazzano has no rind and the color varies from white to straw yellow as the cheese ages.  In order to be labeled Murazzano DOP, the cheese must be produced within the territories of fifty small towns located in the Alta Langa and Langhe Monregalesi.